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Welcome to Rain Room

Ellwood 2.jpeg

Strong, elegant & sustainable

Beautiful sheltered spaces designed and built in Scotland from sustainable Scottish grown woods


The McAlpine Family

I highly recommend RainRoom.
I can’t put into words how delighted we are with ours...

Responsibly sourced materials and extremely high quality...

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Our World Yoga

We are delighted with our ‘Yoga’ RainRoom...
Beautifully designed, really good value for money, gorgeous wood, skilled craftsmanship...

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Bearsden & Hillfoot Nurseries

They are perfect for our needs, providing shelter for the children when they want it...

Installations were carried out efficiently and with great care...

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RainRoom in Autumn 

shelters snowflake 

shed in Winter 

melting into Spring 

canopy with April 

showers evaporating 

to wet Paisley pattern 

in West of Scotland 

Summer greens. 


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