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About Us

COVID-19 has changed so many people’s lives, and when our careers were affected, we looked for a new direction.  Having tried to think of a venture we could believe in and enjoy working on together, we found that the obvious answer was in our garden.  The outdoor covered drying area my husband built a few years ago had become such a useful addition to our home, and its versatility and practicality were greatly appreciated by the whole family.

During lockdown it became a true addition to our home, offering space for reading, yoga, study and woodworking projects, to name but a few. We had always loved it, but its uses multiplied, and people started asking my husband if he could make one for them, and so RainRoom began with much appreciated input from our large extended family.  The name and logo are courtesy of one of our nieces, another’s assistance with the website made it possible, and a sibling has lent us the space for our workshop.    

This really is a family business!  

Have a look at your garden and let us know if a Rain Room could be just what you need!


Meet the RainRoom Team

Simon started working with wood when he was eight and has had a life-long love for it.  Between opera singing engagements he has taken on many and varied joinery jobs and in his spare time, continues the restoration of the family’s Georgian cottage which he describes as a labour of love or madness depending on your point of view.

Anne was a buyer and director at Peckham’s licensed delicatessen chain for many years, then ran the finance and admin department at Alexander Wines. Anne was the driving force behind the first RainRoom (or outside drying area at that point) because there’s nothing like the smell of fresh linen dried outside in the fresh air.

Alan studied engineering at university, but his fascination for wine led him into the wine trade for about 30 years. Alongside this, Alan has always been involved in joinery and other creative work, including designing and constructing his own house.  In his spare time, he has also restored several cars. “Never say can’t, it just means you’ve not found a solution”

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