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Louvre Panels

If you think you might need extra shelter from the wind or sun, then you can choose to add one or more of our specially designed Larch or Pine Louvre screens. These are made from beautiful Scottish Larch or Pine frames and panels and can easily be fitted to either end or sides of your RainRoom.

The louvre panels run vertically within the frames and can be adjusted easily using an innovative Canadian design which was developed to withstand even their severe weather conditions.

We can also make Louvre Panels to fit your existing structure


Louvre Panels are available in Larch or Pine.

Each panel is 191cm wide by 193cm high (approx 6ft x 6ft) enough to cover one end of the Rainroom or half a side of the full sized RainRoom

Video: Louvre panels under construction

 Louvre panels open and closed creating a sheltered corner

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