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RainRoom Canopy

Our new RainRoom canopy is an elegant space saving and versatile structure that can be fitted to solid walls.

Hang your washing out in all weathers and save money on tumble drying and get that amazing fresh air-dried scent whatever the weather.

Good for you and the environment!

And you can sit under it to enjoy the sun and get protection from harmful uv rays or from that short rain shower!


Canopy Edit 1.jpg
20210316_175135 1.jpg

Built from sustainably sourced Scottish pine and sustainably sourced Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified marine quality plywood with a twin wall polycarbonate roof, the RainRoom Canopy is not only attractive, but extremely strong. The stainless steel bolts add to the durability of the design and if you opt to have the washing lines added, these are made from 3mm galvanised steel wire rope with clear pvc coating.

Our RainRoom canopies come in two sizes:


Large: 3.5m (11' 6") wide by 1.3m (4'3") deep. Approximately 32m (105') of drying space

Small: 2m (6'6") wide by 1.3m (4'3") deep. Approximately 18m (59') of drying space


Optional Extra:  Heavy duty steel core drying lines.

Our lines are made with galvanised steel wire rope covered with clear pvc with a total width of 4mm making them extremely strong and durable. Included in the pack are wire grips and stainless steel eye hooks to fit them to your canopy.

Large:  Approximately 32m (105') of drying space

Small:  Approximately 18m (60') drying space


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