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1 Description

The RainRoom has an elegantly curved transparent roof supported by beautiful wooden purlins, curves and posts.


Ellwood 1.jpeg

Oak RainRoom

Choose Scottish Oak posts supporting beautiful Douglas Fir roof purlins for the ultimate in natural beauty and strength. Oak is an extremely strong, durable and attractive wood which doesn’t need any preservative treatment for outdoor use. 

Larch RainRoom

The rich colour of posts cut from Scottish Larch heartwood, renowned for its durability, supporting the richly characterful Douglas Fir roof purlins. Larch also requires no preservative treatment for outdoor use.




We are committed to keeping our environmental impact as low as possible and are delighted to be able to source Scottish grown, sustainably managed wood from Scottish Woods, a not-for-profit hardwood sawmill based near Dunfermline, Fife. You can read more about their philosophy and what they do here: Scottish Woods

Our softwoods are sourced from MGM timber Scotland's top independent timber merchant who pride themselves on sourcing Scottish sustainably grown timber.

For all our RainRoom curves we use sustainably sourced Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified marine quality plywood. 

Tree RR cropped 3.jpg

Roof materials 

Aware that in Scottish conditions, sunshine can occasionally be hard to come by, we have designed our RainRoom to allow in the maximum amount of light. We use strong Axiome® twin wall clear polycarbonate sheets which provide excellent light transmission, while almost totally blocking harmful UV radiation.  Axiome® is extremely strong and has a life expectancy of 20 years.

If you prefer more shade, for example to cover a hot tub, you can choose bronze twin wall polycarbonate. 

We are very happy to add that it is produced in Scotland.


The curves in our RainRooms are joined to the posts with solid stainless steel bolts for the ultimate in strength and durability in exterior conditions.

RainRoom Canopy


A great and cheap way to dry clothes!

No electricity bills from your power-hungry tumble drier and that unbeatable genuine outdoor dried clothes smell.

The canopy allows you to hang clothes out in any weather all year round!

Built from sustainably sourced Scottish pine and sustainably sourced Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified marine quality plywood with a twin wall polycarbonate roof, the RainRoom Canopy is not only attractive, but extremely strong. The stainless steel bolts add to the durability of the design and if you opt to have the washing lines added, these are made from 3mm galvanised steel wire rope with clear pvc coating.

Our RainRoom canopies come in three sizes:


2.4m (approx 8ft) 14.4m (47ft) of drying space

3m (approx 10ft) 18m (59ft) of drying space

4m (approx 12ft) 24m (79ft) of drying space



optional extras

Optional Extras


Louvre Panels available in Larch or oak

Each panel is designed to fit into your bespoke RainRoom


Video: Louvre panels under construction

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