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 RainRoom Drying Canopy (excluding delivery and installation)

2.4m RainRoom canopy


3m RainRoom canopy


4m RainRoom canopy


Canopy washing.jpg
Canopy Pricing

Over the last year, Our RainRooms have progressed from a standard design to what our clients really want: something that works for you individually; so we've altered our way of doing things: if you like our style, we'll make it work for you!


Our prices start at £3,900 for a RainRoom of approximately       5 meters (16.4 ft) by 3 meters (9.8 ft)
But the rest is up to you

Contact us and let's discuss what you need


Optional Extras

Louvre Panels

Each panel is 191cm wide by 193cm high (approx 6ft x 6ft) enough to cover one end of the Rainroom or half a side of the full sized RainRoom.

Pine Louvre Panels (each) - £360

Larch Louvre Panels (each) - £490

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